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How long is the shelf life of polymer PTC thermistor?
If stored properly, the storage period of polymer PTC thermistor is no age limit. Exposed to tides or high temperatures, the performance specifications on the product may be changed, such as tin-lead solder, but in normal conditions of electric components saved can be saved for a long time.

Polymer PTC thermistor is mainly used for what? 
Polymer PTC Thermistors can be used for computers and peripheral equipment, mobile phones, batteries, remote communications and network equipment, transformers, industrial controls, motors and other electronic products, play an overcurrent or overtemperature protection.

Polymer PTC thermistor and fuse, bimetal circuit breaker and the main differences between ceramic PTC thermistor is?
Polymer PTC thermistor is a positive temperature coefficient characteristics of conducting polymer, between it and the fuse the most significant difference is that the former can be used repeatedly. Both of these products are able to provide overcurrent protection function, but with a polymer PTC thermistor that many times to provide such protection, after fuses provide overcurrent protection, it must be replaced with another.
Polymer PTC thermistor and bimetal circuit breaker the main difference is that the former has not been ruled out in the accident had been off-State and will not reset, bimetal circuit breaker in the accident are still in place can reset itself, which can lead to electromagnetic waves and reset spark. Meanwhile, reconnect the circuit under a fault condition in the circuit may damage the equipment, so it is not safe. Polymer PTC thermistor can keep high resistance until troubleshooting.
Polymer PTC thermistor and ceramic PTC thermistor difference components of initial resistance, movement time (on the reaction time of the event) as well as the size of the difference. With the same current of polymer PTC Thermistors as compared to ceramic PTC thermistor, polymer PTC thermistor is smaller, less resistance and more responsive.