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Selection of polymer PTC thermistor  
Polymer PTC Thermistors are overcurrent protection components, use of macromolecular polymer at high pressure, high temperature, under vulcanization conditions, conducting material particles, formed through a special process. 
Habits are also called PPTC Resettable fuse in the industry. Polymer PTC thermistor's main role is to play in electrical over-current protection. Each resistor has the "pressure", "stream", "current" and "time" parameter, such as: you can depending on the rated voltage in the circuit, rated current and protection current requirements and select control parameters of the product,
1. first determine was protection circuit normal work Shi of maximum environment temperature, and circuit in the work current, and thermistor action Hou needed bear of maximum voltage, by need of protection current and the need of action time, parameter;
2. According to was protection circuit or products of features select "chip type", and "radial leads type", and "axis to leads type" or "surface posted loaded type", different shape of thermistor; 

3. According to maximum work voltage, select "resistance pressure" grade is greater than or is equal to maximum work voltage of products series;
4. According to circuit work maximum environment temperature and the circuit in the of work current, control since recovery fuse temperature folding reduction rate select "maintained current" is greater than work current of products specifications;
5. According to the model of since recovery fuse of action time graphs confirmed the species specifications thermistor of action time is less than protection circuit need time; 

6. data provided in the specification to confirm various parameters to meet the requirements of the specifications the thermistor. 

Our products can meet the complex circuit requirements and general protection applications needs. Our company focused on technology innovation, can provide customers with electronic circuit protection solutions.